House Cleaning 


Wheather you need a full spring cleaning, regularly scheduled mainentance cleaning, tidying up around the house or another hand with some micelanious cleaning projects, we're here to help! 

Yes, we know you are capable of doing the work on your own, but why do it all yourself when you can have your own persoanl assitant team to do it for you in less than half the time it would take for you to do on your own?




After Party/Post Holiday Cleaning


You've done enough work throwing a party everyone will be talking about until your next epic party!

Let us take care of the mess and your house will be back to normal before you're even home from work!

Move In/Out & Post Construction Cleaning


Post construction dust?

No problem. 


Moving is a pain. Let us do the packing or unpacking for you! 


Additional Cleaning & Concierge  Services

Change Bed Linens

Laundry Wash & Dry

Folding/Putting Away Laundry

Ironining & Steaming 

Inside Cabinets

Inside Fridge

Interior Walls 

Interior Windows




Scheduling Appointments

Making Reservations

Be At Home To Sign For Deliveries 

Errand Runnning


Holiday Decorating 

Event Set Up/Tear Down

Post Holiday/Party Cleaning